“My champion! Extraordinary cook, incredible candidate… and what a piece of woman! Now winner of Top Chef, congratulations Louise! You brought me happiness, pride and so many other things on this great thirteenth season of Top Chef”, could -we read on a publication of the Instagram account of Hélène Darroze.

After a tense final, it was therefore Louise Bourrat who won this 13th season of Top Chef. And, if the candidate was very happy with this victory, she did not lose the north and quickly remembered the promise that Hélène Darroze had made to her.

And, this challenge is original to say the least since, after having tattooed the word “thirteen” on all the candidates, it is now on her brigade leader that the young winner wishes to drop her needle.

“The chef Hélène Darroze had said that if we won this year, she would have three little stars tattooed. It would be funny because Hélène Darroze is not tattooed”, she revealed according to our colleagues from Here.

Following the victory of her favorite, the leader of the reds hastened to respond. “I will keep my promise, I promise you.”

Only, some time after the end of the season, Louise Bourrat still could not tattoo her mentor, as she explained in the columns of Le Parisien: “No, it’s not done yet, and yes I would like But I have to buy myself a machine, I do it with a needle, by hand, but I’m a little more in the mood to tattoo Hélène Darroze than to tattoo the other candidates, the issue is “It’s not the same. With the machine it will be faster, I know that Hélène Darroze has a pretty busy schedule, I don’t think she has five hours to devote to me just for a little tattoo”.

The challenge should therefore be honored, it is now only a matter of time.