“Too many people died too early” – Sweden Corona strategist criticized its own contents of the course in Sweden was long a consensus about the exceptionalism in dealing with the Covid-19 Virus. But the political truce is now over.Kai fought went matter from Kopenhagen1 Comment1″among all the errors the right way”: Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist for Sweden.Photo: Reuters

The Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell admitted on Wednesday for the first time that Sweden should do to have the start of the Corona-pandemic against the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. In an Interview with the national radio Tegnell said, the Swedish strategy, which was developed by its national health authority, have “potential for improvement”.

On the question, whether in Sweden, “too many people died too early,” be said Tegnell: “Yes, absolutely.” When he look back with today’s knowledge, then he would choose a different path: “A way, located in the middle of what has been done in Sweden and what did the other countries.”

In a media conference Tegnell stressed, however, that he still believe, “that the strategy is well”. In addition, he said that Sweden had gone with all faults “the right way”. Tegnell, announced 74 new cases of death in the country. Thus, Sweden has passed on Wednesday in the death rate, measured by the number of inhabitants, also in France and is located in Europe behind Belgium, Spain, England and Italy.

predecessor of Tegnell expressed criticism

in Sweden, Too, had recommended that the authorities always keep a physical distance between people. Unlike other European countries Sweden had, however, to the prohibitions and restrictions, but on Appeals to the rationality of the citizens. Schools, Bars, Restaurants, shopping centres and fitness studios were open all the months.

Officially, it was the aim of the government to minimize the loose course the psychological and economic consequences of the pandemic. The price for this is that Sweden currently has one of the highest death rates in Europe.

The past months, a large part of the Swedish population, but also of the political parties United behind the Government. Criticism was only of individual journalists and a group of scientists expressed that were criticised, in turn, even sharp. Now, however, the signs that “the castle of peace is over,” a comment from the Swedish television is SVT multiply.

“Something’s not right, when Sweden has become the leper of Europe.”

comment of the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”

In may, the predecessor of Anders Tegnell at the office of the state epidemiologist, Annika Linde, as the first prominent representative of the health bureaucracy, surprisingly, as a critic outed had. They, too, have long believed in the Swedish course, said Linde in a number of Interviews, but you have changed your mind in the face of the many death and also of the errors of the authorities. “If we had made the company for a month, sealing, then we would have gained time,” said Linde.

How Linde’s many critics were frightened of the failure of the authorities to protect the seniors in the retirement homes, where the Virus claimed far more deaths than in neighboring countries. Another failure is the fact that Sweden is still far from the already promised 100’000 Corona Tests per week.

The Opposition is pushing forward now, since Friday, a Commission to investigate the actions of the authorities to the Corona-crisis – and not after the end of the pandemic, as the government wants, but as soon as possible. “Water on the mills” of the critics, the station SVT, were the recent plans of some other European countries, due to the high infection and mortality numbers in Sweden, their limits, while for Danes to open Norwegians and Finns, but not for Sweden.

“there’s Something wrong when Sweden has become the leper of Europe”, was overwritten by a comment in “Dagens Nyheter”.

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