It’s been four years since the famous rocker Johnny Hallyday left us. If his legacy was at the heart of many controversies in the months following his death, his tomb located in Saint-Barthélémy also caused a lot of reaction.

While the star was buried in the cemetery of Lorient, several rumors according to which the remains of the singer were going to be moved to a family vault began to emerge during the summer of 2019. Faced with this, Laura Smet, the daughter of artist, had expressed her sorrow about the misinformation of which she was the victim. “To date, apart from vague information, no specific details have been given to me about this exhumation. Grieving when you were prevented from seeing your father in the last moments is a terrible thing from which I will never recover. ever. Imagining his father exhumed in improvisation would be a new affront to his memory. I can’t bring myself to do it and I won’t let myself be instrumentalized”, she wrote on her social networks and added: “Since the painful death of my father, I was unfortunately never consulted on the question of his burial, Lætitia having made alone the choice of the current burial of which she knew the conditions perfectly”.

If Laeticia Hallyday denied the exhumation of the tomb of her late husband, she would however have asked for an expansion of the concession to be made.

Planet invites you to discover Johnny Hallyday’s grave.