Tom Meeuws out of prosecution made in the investigation of tampering with The Line


Antwerp –

The court in Antwerpen on Wednesday decided to take Antwerp, ships, and Tom Meeuws out of sued. The Line had last year filed a complaint against the SPANISH.A politician as he was, when he was the regional director of the company, cheating with the assignment of public procurement contracts.

in The first public prosecutor was established in February 2018 the following is a report of The Line is an examination of “the facts of the disturbance of the public auction” by the Meeuws during the period 2014-2015. “The complaint is acted on, in particular, the act of intentionally and unlawfully for the benefit of some of the Antwerp-based firms, in the context of public procurement that is entered into by and Tom Meeuws,” says the public prosecutor’s office in a press release.

It was going to be infringements of the law on public procurement, breach of trust, and schriftvervalsing: the organization of the celebrations on the occasion of the opening of a new metro line in Borgerhout (budget: about 550.000 eur, without tax), it would Meeuws, to be creative with the resources used. If he would have the invoices have been broken down, and that the organization is a private, have been granted to the cultural centre for The Roma in Borgerhout.

“No signs of crimes”:

But after a search of nearly two years, the Central office for the fight against Corruption represents the first public prosecutor, Tom Meeuws today is out of action. “We have a very comprehensive and thorough investigation be conducted to see how several cooperation agreements were reached. Therefore, inter alia, to conduct a search is performed and been involved on several occasions heard,” says the public prosecutor’s office. “The Public Prosecutor’s office determines that there is no evidence that Meeuws crimes committed for the benefit of himself or herself or to others.” The court decided, therefore, to Meeuws out of sued.

“I’ve always had the utmost faith in judiciary and I am delighted to see that the officers in this case is the most thorough and severe examination” said Meeuws, relieved. “It remains the issue, because it is not good to be in the suspicion to be made. Myself, I turn to this page now, for my family, this was not an easy period of time.”

the execution

The business was doing at the time, quite a lot of dust raised, all the more so because of the news of the criminal investigation uitlekte at the time bekendraakte that Jinnih Beels, and not Tom Meeuws in the list, the party would withdraw from the elections in 2018. The green blew up in the hoopla of the ‘Together’co-operation with the SP.A, the two parties were separate at the time of the elections. The impression that was the case, precisely because of the politics, it was raked up.