Tom, Of the Greeks, to follow himself, on the 16th of november to the chairman of the Vlaams belang. If any challengers had until October 31 midnight is the period of time in order to apply to them, but no one felt called upon, as reported in the partijwoordvoerder.

it was an opportunity, in view of the remarkable resurgence of the party in the local elections in 2018, and the parliamentary elections in may of this year, it was to be a member of the partijraad the battle it would be like to cross it with that Of the Greeks. It is only to look at the score, and on 16 november, a general assembly will be achieved.

Tom, Of the Greeks, was after the disaster of the 2014 elections, the youngest of the party, from the history of Belgium – Guy Verhofstadt, was a few months older, when he was at the head of the VLD, it came out. Of Griekens mandate, it ran normal last year, but the partijraad decided, with a view to the vote of this year’s mandate by one year at a time.

for More about Tom Greek Bill Vlaams belang “After three months without a government, and it will automatically re-elected”, the Flemish Interest, the president Of the Greeks: “Who is going to fight for History, must be a Belgian citizen to lose” on Sunday a demonstration against the line of sanitary in Antwerp, from now on, each month in a protest? At the end of October, we will know if he also to the Greeks, the competition for the presidency, the Flemish Interest