Brady signed a four-year contract extension that will keep him playing 2022

Tom Brady closed down the naysayers who contested his ability to play at a high level in 43 when he caught his seventh Super Bowl triumph with all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers final year.

Now, general director Jason Licht states Brady”can perform till he is 50″ if he desires.

When asked when the veteran quarterback revealed any signs of slowing down, Licht stated no.

“None. I wish to keep those discussions mostly personal, but no inkling in any way,” Licht said. “I told him when he wishes to play until he is 50, and he is playing and that he feels as though he could play, he could play till he is 50.”

Brady signed a four-year contract expansion using three voidable years in March that will keep him playing 2022, at that time he’ll be 45.

Despite throwing his support behind Brady, the Bucs signed former University of Florida quarterback Kyle Trask at the next round of their 2021 NFL Draft but Licht reported that Brady appeared unphased by it when he had been informed about the plan prior to the draft.

You did not have to let me know however, I love it. All we need to do in order to make the group ,'” Licht said.

According to reports in the moment, Brady didn’t request a rise after winning the Super Bowl and his most recent contract was developed to keep the group together — a struggle for the majority of teams beneath this year’s salary cap.