Save money around the house. Between the inflation on food products and the increase in the prices of gas and electricity, the portfolio of the French is hard hit in this autumn. Many of you have changed your habits in your everyday life, whether at the supermarket or at home. Energy savings, less food waste… Have you also thought about making changes to the toilets?

According to the Water Information Center, the average water consumption in France is 148 liters per inhabitant per day. The INSEE figures evoke for their part 329 liters of water per day for a household of 2.5 people, or an annual consumption of 120 cubic meters. Here’s how it breaks down:

Looking to save money on your water bill? Start by taking shorter showers, limiting baths and starting your laundry when the machine is full. Do you already do all this? Then you have one room left where you can save money: the toilet. The first thing to do is to check that you have no leaks around your toilets. Indeed, as the Water Information Center explains, a leaky toilet flush consumes 25 liters per hour or 220 cubic meters per year.

There are other very simple ways to save money on your toilet flush. Sometimes you just need to pay a few tens of euros to equip yourself. Check out these tips in the slideshow below.