Together against the U.S. sanctions – The Mullahs Maduro rush to the aid of oil country Venezuela the gasoline. Iran jumps in and sends Tanker – the States are United in their hostility to the United States.Tomas Avenarius and Christoph Gurk, Istanbul and Buenos Aires from Istanbul and Buenos Aires6 Kommentare6Antiamerikanismus connects: After Iran has created of oil Tankers at Puerto Cabello in Venezuela, workers begin Unloading. Photo: Anadolu Agency ()

In essence, Caracas is blessed by nature: The Venezuelan capital, is bounded on the lures of the green mountains, behind which even the ocean. Ideal for Hiking, walking or Cycling, what many Caraqueños did, however, mostly only on weekends. In everyday life when they left on a other blessing of nature: huge oil reserves that the country and its capital for a long time not only provided prosperity, but also to gasoline prices that were so low that they could be described only as symbolic. But that is over now: The bike replaced for more and more people in Caracas the car, because, of all things, in the oil country Venezuela the petrol is running out.

to blame, say critics, were mainly mismanagement and corruption. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, in turn, gives the old arch-enemy, the blame for the misery The United States would lead an economic war against the country and its population. The led to the basic food are just as scarce as electricity, line water and also petrol.

Corona has reinforced the crisis in Venezuela

The Situation was already difficult, but now there is another Problem: Covid-19. There are also Corona-infections in Venezuela, output lock, and the crash of Oil prices have exacerbated the crisis in the country once again. How dramatic the situation is, shows the case of a decades-old taboo in Venezuelan politics: Since Monday, no state monopoly on gasoline sales. To over 200 private-run tank may be fuel at the world market price sold in all over the country 50 American cents per litre. Also continue to, people should be allowed to refill the tank, but per car 120 litres a month for the price of about 2 cents. And so, the tank also fuel stations, has bought the government’s recent petrol from Iran. Five tankers of the Islamic Republic reached Venezuela by the end of may.

Both countries are United not only by its Oil wealth, but also the sanctions with which the United States have the economic systems of the two countries in the past shows. Due to extensive American sanctions on the Islamic Republic, one of the world’s most important oil producer is permitted to sell, no petroleum products on the world market, the Iranian economy is hitting very hard.

gasoline for the impoverished Venezuelans: fishermen walk along the beach at Puerto Cabello, while the Iranian Tanker Fortune creates in the Background. Carlos Hernandez (AP/Keystone)

The Iran and Venezuela were Supplying then as an act of solidarity and as a success in the resistance against their arch-enemy USA. Tehran government spokesman Ali Rabiei said the delivery had shown that the US allowed sanctions to deal. “Iran and Venezuela are not independent States, acting together, and this will do.” The Tenor of the Utterances of Iranian politicians and military was that it undermined the U.S. sanctions and Washington had demonstrated in its geopolitical backyard as powerless.

the United States threatened the Iranian Tanker intercept

Earlier, the US had considered, supposedly, the possibility of the Iranian oil Tankers with warships to intercept. Tehran had threatened then: President Hassan Rouhani announced that they will strike back if the United States should “make Trouble”. His foreign Minister, Mohammed Jawad Zarif wrote a letter to the UN Secretary-General and spoke of the “hegemonic gunboat diplomacy”. And the Iranian news Agency Only, which is considered the mouthpiece of the National security Council of the Islamic Republic, had to know: “Should spread to the United States in pirate style on the international sea routes, the uncertainty, you’re taking a high risk.”

The largest part of the delivery, which came however, according to Venezuela, it was, apparently, ready-to-use refined petrol. The fuel, together with smaller amounts of other Oil products to a total value of around CHF 43 million. On the last stretch of the tankers by the Navy of Venezuela had been escorted.

“The United States as a state that breaks international law, not have managed this Tanker to stop.”

Hojjatollah Soltani, Iran’s Ambassador to Venezuela,

however, it remains Unclear whether Iran will allow the gas also has to pay. Tehran strongly denies that Caracas had paid the bill with nine tonnes of Gold. The Iranian Ambassador in Venezuela, Hojjatollah Soltani, said there were other ways, and the compensation of named shops with coffee as an example. The fuel delivery was made in full Compliance with international law: “The United States as a state that breaks international law, not have managed this Tanker to stop.” The US sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, and other countries will lose increasingly their effectiveness. Countries that opposed the United States, “have not yielded”.

The delivery, by estimations of experts, will be enough for several weeks. What happens in the port, and whether new tankers from Iran, stinging in the direction of Venezuela in the lake, is still unclear. In Caracas, in any case, the prices for used bikes in the rose between the time rapidly.

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