a Lot of Heating costs in Germany are not correct. In four of the five statements, there are abnormalities or defects as the result of a sample of approximately 100 current accounts. In addition, when more than half of the houses much more heat energy than needed and unnecessarily high CO2 emissions and costs would be incurred, said the consulting company co2online, which has tested a sample of the statements by readers of the consumer portal Finanztip.

the Especially in the case of the settlement of the hot water consumption and the operating current there is irregularities. “In 60 percent of all investigated reports of the energy share for hot water is not correct, i.e. in accordance with the requirements of the heating costs regulation, as measured,” explains energy expert, Ines Rutschmann of Finanztip. “In such cases, the tenant can cut the costs for warm water a flat rate of 15 percent.”

another flaw that occurs frequently: every fifth settlement of the costs for the operating current, exceed acceptable values. “Tenants have the right to have the appropriate documents to view,” explains Rutschmann. “As a rule of thumb: Costs of the operating current more than five percent of the fuel cost, must be able to demonstrate to the landlord the high level of spending.” He makes the tenants of the settlement contradict.

Heating costs too high

it is Particularly striking that in one third of the surveyed apartments, the consumption is significantly higher, as it should correspond to the actual apartment location. The heizneben cost of the surveyed households were, on average, 156 Euro per year. For comparison: five years Ago, there were still 40 euros less.