the acquittal. Relief before the court, the accused, the relatives, friends and Acquaintances. 2009 had begun in the district court in the Saxon town of Borna, and from the allegation of rape of one of his athletes, free-spoken Junior national coach of the Slalom canoeists his Post. In the summer of 2017, he was suspended. Now, 17 months later, standing in front of court statement against statement. On the basis of the statement of the Sportswoman, with so many memory gaps that would have been a guilty verdict is unacceptable. It came in just a free of the question.

Christoph Becker

sports editor.

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relief? The now free-spoken did not want to talk about the Grip of the past years, which had been described by witnesses on the first day of the trial: contradictions and unintended touches, ├╝bergriffige Demands, sexist Videos, presented in the team circle. Experts warn getting louder and louder: The Sport has a massive abuse problem.

To little awareness of the problem

A much-cited study by the sports University of Cologne on the problem associated with inappropriate Look. You may think that is excessive. The process in Borna, in the case of the lawyers wonder why he was not brought before the youth protection chamber in Leipzig, which shows that there is too much awareness of the problem, but shockingly little. Sexualized violence is not always a criminal offence. And: Essential questions are more open. What actually happened? The German canoe Federation has evidence of more Grip, which came not in Borna, the witness to enter the interior of the process without the assistance of a lawyer. Why?