Welcome to the club. Ryoyu Kobayashi has actually done it. NachSven Hanna forest, and Kamil Stoch is the Japanese of the third ski jumper, has decided the four-hills-tournament with Victories in all four individual jumping. In Bischofshofen, the last Station of this tradition-rich event, jumped Kobayashi in front of 15,000 spectators in the second round with 137.5 metres to the top, after he had initially been only the Fourth. What is a nerve test for the Grand-Slam-Champion: Already in the first pass, it went on and on.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

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All the 65 previous Springer had easily completed their jumps. Then Kobayashi – and the Wind came. The Jury interrupted the Competition, and after nearly five minutes of Japanese was allowed to fly. He landed at 135 meters, two meters behind Eisenbichler, the Best of this first batch had already decided the qualification, with 143 meters. The Pole Dawid Kubacki, who had placed in the qualification of 145 metres in a new hill record, was Second in wait just 0.2 points behind the German.

Should win Eisenbichler on the last plane hill of this tour is actually his first world Cup? No. He ended up with the last jump of the tour, “I have, unfortunately, a bit got trashed”, at 131 meters, and fell back to fifth. Second place in the standings with 1035,9 points – Kobayashi came through his four victories on 1098 points – was no longer to him but to. Also the last podium place in the overall standings went to a German. Stephan Leyhe, on Saturday, 27 years old, he managed with his last jump of 137 meters and came in Bischofshofen, nor from eleventh place to fourth place, and extruded in the overall standings with 1014,1 points all other competitors – up to Dominator Kobayashi and iron Bichler.

“For the total tour, it was a great result,” said national coach Werner Schuster. “You have to draw the hat, Kobayashi has made it super. We are, unfortunately, failed again on a high-Flyer.“ The surprise third Leyhe could hardly believe his luck. “I thought the thing through. But it is assumed to be good. Definitely the it comes to the autograph on the card.“ Grand Slam winner Kobayashi was pleased, “that Noriaki has come as a first for the congratulations to me”. Kasai, the 46-year-old ski jumping legend, proved his 24 years younger compatriot in the hill outlet, the reverence.

you wanted to see it through – with all the Power. A four-hills-tournament without the final fourth Jump in Bischofshofen? It has since 1956, when due to a lack of snow in Hallein was a given bound. At the age of 67. Tour-edition was not at all clear that the Epiphany really jumped. The day before the weather hit capers such as the first time in decades, more in the Salzburger Land. With the result that both the Training and the qualification had to be cancelled and on the day of the competition Sunday postponed. Around a Meter of fresh snow, avalanche warning level four: ski-jumping was not thinking. “Under these conditions, it makes little sense. Since the Springer would be at risk of easy,“ Schuster said.