Oudsbergen –

The Wildlife in the Oudsbergen has already received about a dozen tips related to the death of the she-wolf Head. In the Society of Flanders was not only useful information but also statements of support. The ideas will be passed on to the Natuurinspectie of the Agency for Nature and forests. The premium charged to those who critical information to provide during this time will be increased to $ 30,000.

as A business owner of a google translation is available, increased the amount of $ 20,000, which the Society in Flanders, the Animal Rights , and the Wildlife before them, awarded with 10.000 euro. Reports that the Society in Flanders on Thursday.

The entrepreneur, who wishes to remain anonymous, would, at first, back in the days when the Knack, journalist, Dirk Draulans. He said he wanted to make a contribution to add, and had, therefore, thus, for 10,000 euros on a bank account of blocking in the Society of Flanders.

The most natural association, said that in the meantime, for many of the messages received after the uitloven of the website. It’s going to give in to a specially created e-mail address naya@vogelbescherming.be over Head but also on a variety of jachtinbreuken.


“it turns out that the citizen no longer accepts that a right to claim to be on their own to decide which animals should live and which should not,” says the Society in Flanders, in a press release. The organisation is confident that its contribution to the investigation of the cause of death of the she-wolf a new life it will give.

All of the tips, including jachtinbreuken and is yet to be passed on to the relevant authorities. Bird protection Flanders, also called on the new minister of the Environment, Zuhal Demir“, to the enforcement agency headed reinforcing”.