In addition to having rocked the childhood of millions of people, Tintin comic books are particularly sought after by collectors. According to the specialized site Info Collection, these albums are unfortunately difficult to date and estimate because of the copyright date present inside, which generally has no relation to the date of publication.

“There are also hundreds of editions of Tintin comics, sometimes with very subtle differences in the cover”, notes the expert.

The first parameter to take into account is naturally the date of publication. Thus, it is essentially the albums released before 1950 that can bring you the biggest sums. “Original editions of post-war albums generally cost less than 1000 euros but have the advantage of being much easier to find”, notes Info Collection. Here is the rating of the Tintin comics:

In our slideshow below, check out the list of the 12 Tintin comics most actively sought after by collectors. This selection is based on figures from Info Collection. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask a specialist: specialist comic book shops, Tintin fan associations or even specialist websites.