Many systems have brought to their investors year-on-year losses. Including many raw materials. Because industrial metals make up the trade disputes between America and the Rest of the world, the more restrictive interest rate policy of the American Central Bank, the Fed, and the discount to the end of the year the world economy. So copper as an economic indicator par excellence, applicable to the industrial metal has lost, in 2018, about a fifth of its value, the price of zinc has even fallen by about a quarter.

Kerstin Papon

editor in the economy.

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in this respect, it is hardly surprising that the recent progress in the trade talks between America and China improved the market sentiment for industrial metals. The prices of many industrial metals have risen in the past few days. Copper is once again approaching the mark of $ 6,000, zinc costs around 2500 dollars. Hardly the price of Tin had increased observed, however, in the past weeks, and this is contrary to the movement in the rest of the industrial metal sector, the analysts of Commerzbank.

On Wednesday, the price of Tin has exceeded for the first time since the end of July, the mark of 20,000 dollars per Tonne. From the Low in November, he had risen now to more than 10 percent, and have recently overcome the technically important 200-day line. This, in turn, drawn with technical purchases, and for a further boost. In 2018, the price of Tin, which is often used in alloys and for soldering is like, only slightly.