now, On the 58th anniversary of his mother’s was married to cyclist Tim ‘El Tractor’ He is with Tracey Debruyne is in the town of Houthulst. His team-mate and close friend of Yves Lampaert (28), and it was one of the witnesses.

The sun shone Saturday afternoon in Houthulst and took an extremely hot herfsttemperatuur of a temperature of 20°C. and A oldtimerbusje with the words ‘Tracy & Tim brought up the lovebirds and their family members, and witnesses, to the municipality of Houthulst. “I have looked at have been around for a long time for this special day. I would never have thought of that, I Eine was about to leave. And you’ll see that the love does strange things to a man,” says Tim Declercq (30) days, the superknecht Deceuninck-Quick Step.

Photo: Thijs, Pattyn

He is in the meantime more than 3 years of experience as a part of It. “Less than 3 weeks we were together, and she did not take me long to Houthulst. When I got my PlayStation, let alone, the final. I’m amusing myself here, but in your heart I’ll stay Izegemnaar.”

“From the very beginning, I was able to have my Tim, do not miss it, so I’ve got him chained to the walls in Houthulst,” laughs Tracy (29). “I hadn’t thought of that this wedding day is such an impact that it would have to be my emotions. I had a slight stress in the morning, but it disappeared as soon as I Tim I saw.”

Nice gift

For all of the family and He was in the wedding as a double celebration. “Some people think that it’s a big celebration for the 58-year-old birthday of my mother…. It depends on how you look at it”, wink, Tim. Mommy reality check promotion of non-violence was evident in her love: “I’m supertrots. I will never have such a beautiful gift a beautiful daughter-in-law.”

It is the union of the marriage and the birthday, it was rather a coincidence. “My job as a rider, if only I could have a date in a period of 3 weeks,” said Tim. “I wanted to be in that period of time like on a single. It was a weekend to Prague with a lot of atmosphere, but the lack of sleep. After the wedding we are going for our honeymoon. A lot of the choice there was not. This will be treasured for a lifetime. After my honeymoon I will go again to the get started with eye on next season.”

Lots of people

team-mate Yves Lampaert (28), from Izegem, was one of Tim’s testimony. “He’s a friend for life. So, I think it’s great that he can be. We have been in the off-season, so we will be able to enjoy all of the festivities. The single was sub-par. We had a huge people , and they are happy, all one has returned,” said Lampaert.

CEO, Patrick Lefevere, was present at the wedding:

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