the Government told Wednesday night that the new earth and the rest of Finland between the movement limit. The parliament is to deal with the matter immediately.

the Issue has attracted a lot of questions about what restriction in practice would mean. This case is compiled this moment informed answers to the most common questions.

This case is supplemented and replenished as and when questions can be obtained for more information.

Information is based on the government Wednesday night to give information.

1) What limit applies to, when it enters into force and how long it lasts?

the Limit on the size of the new country’s provinces, there entry and exit. Cropping takes a initially 19. April until or about three weeks.

the demarcation is due to come into force on Friday of this week, i.e. 27. march. The government relies seriously on citizens, no one would go, for example, the cabin trip again before the restriction comes into force.

Around two-thirds of the total land set corona infections is the Helsinki and uusimaa hospital district, and the vast majority of the 1.2 million residents in the metropolitan area. Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) according to the cropping size of the new territory of the country was a necessary act.

2) What kind of border crossings will be allowed?

the Government tell you that crossing the border is allowed to work, livelihood, pursuit, or position of trust management and statutory obligations.

If the employee will be able to fit employers with teleworking, should remain remote in. If not, get a pass to cross the border to work. For example at work, of which telework is a big part impossible, the prime minister Marin mentioned social – and health care, food and water supply tasks.

Freight shipping is allowed. Public transport works to the extent when it is a business trip as necessary.

for Comprehensive information on these lines has not yet been received.

3) can you cross the border, if it is necessary to see the children, close relatives or the rest of the partners?

the Movement is authorised only if there is a weighty personal reason. Examples of such situations, the government mentioned the next of kin of the death or your child’s appointment for visitation rights under.

the Family-, kinship – and relationship meetings related to different situations is in abundance, and their associated boundary is a delicate and tricky thing. The power of the state should be able to define the allowed poikkuksetta and their criteria as accurately as possible in advance. Both the people and the supervisors should be able to understand clearly what is allowed and what is not.

the Border closure is due to reduce movement and human contact as much as possible.

4) get whether the cottage or the second residence to visit the border on the other side?

Leisure travel across the border is not allowed, so a priori does not.

5) If you have changed the cabin away koronaa or has other reasons to limit the “wrong side”, can restrictions began to return home? What do you have to go back?

for Each of you comes to the right to return to your home or place of residence of. The government is expected to still more precise definition of it, does this involve some restrictions.

the Government relies, that the cottages to his left the people to return to their home. This is according to the government, particularly important because medical care and especially critical care capacity is sufficient throughout the country.

6) How to control in practice? Do I have to prove, for example, a permission slip that is eligible to cross the border?

Police control the compliance with the restrictions.

the Actual roadblocks are not coming, but the control would be based on the amendments. People must give police at the request of the clearing movements reason or purpose. Supervision should clearly indicate whether a people entitled to cross the border or not.

the Police inform more on Thursday. On Wednesday, police told the (switch to another service), that control the amount of deviate from the usual order of control than that it should scale more.

movement limitations and their practical implications is intended to tell the bus-, train-, subway -, and tramway station and the terminals as well as trains and buses light-boxes and alerts in the sis.

7) Will control for all lanes, or only big ones?

This is not yet accurate information. Control is, however, intended to apply to all means of transport.

the restricted data will be featured also new outside the country as well as surrounding municipalities, in that the other commuting in terms of key traffic locations.

8) Do the police have enough crowd control?

Police will according to the government, enough for basic tasks, i.e. in particular the life and health threatening treatment. The police may, where necessary, executive assistance the defence forces and the Border protection service.

defense minister Antti Kaikkonen (kesk.) told Yle that the regulars and the conscripts will be needed quickly to control tasks. Kaikkonen stated that he had asked the armed forces already prepare for the post-aputehtävä’s.

9) does it Follow from the constraints violation penalty?

the Police have the right number of capacity violations of the law punishable by a fine.

10) Can the movement restriction lasts longer than three weeks?

the emergency act gave the right to restrict the movement at a time up to three months. The restriction can therefore continue if required 19. April after.

“Average people wake up only now noticed the kind of coercion him can be allocated”

the case for the interviewed also Tampere university associate professor of public law in the Pauli Too . He assessed the limitations of the legal base, no possible practical action.

Too disturbing to discuss in one thing.

many of the groups of fundamental rights is already limited to exceptional measures. Example of disabled people in the near rehabilitation services have been discontinued, which hits Rautiainen, deep in their fundamental and human rights.

However, only when the restrictions hit the employed “average people”, as Rautiainen design, the powerful of wake up.

– Average people wake up only now noticed the kind of coercive action he can be targeted. But each and every fundamental and human rights are just as important, and we need to keep them all taken care of.

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