The slogan “” on the pants of athletes has Schmalkalden and the Thuringian Landkreis-Meiningen, Germany registered a public complaint by the German advertising Council. The sponsorship logo on the Jersey shorts to the basketball-Bundesliga team VfB 91 Suhl course across the buttocks of the game and part of steering the attention is on that body, informed the self-regulatory body of the advertising industry in Berlin on Wednesday. Thus, women would be reduced to her Appearance and sexualisation of the athletes favored or at least tolerated.

The Argument of the responsible district administrator, the advertisement was funny, meant, had not convinced the advertising Council. Advertising should not be ambiguous, but not disparage. Three other companies that designed parts of your Ads with female Buttocks, were also criticised by the advertising Council. Overall, the advertising Council said last year, 16 public complaints due to the violation of the code of advertising.

“this is a serious miscalculation of the German advertising Council,” argues councillor Greiser. “Here you leave all sense of proportion missing.” If everyone more or less hidden reference to gender will be branded to specific stimuli in the future as sexism, need about freedom in Germany to be more of the talking. The campaign had so far been very successful and they wanted to continue to advertise with “” among other things, on the trousers of the players of the VfB Suhl.