Bad luck for your Pentecost weekend… Météo France announces many storms from Friday to Sunday throughout the territory. In some departments, the phenomena will even be very violent and accompanied by gusts of wind of up to 80 km/h.

It is not uncommon that with the arrival of fine weather, storms, too, invite themselves.

In France, some regions are obviously more affected than others. It is the South-West / North-East axis which is well known for being very stormy, with between 24 and 30 days of storms per year, according to the website. But the Gulf of Lion is not to be outdone, with 16 to 22 days of thunder per year, and storms that are often very virulent.

There are on average between 12 to 16 days of thunderstorms in the northwestern regions, which are less affected. From Poitou to Flanders, via Ile-de-France, it’s 16 to 20 days.

But the most affected region in mainland France is Corsica, with more than 30 stormy days each year.

Only, if this classification tells us in which regions there are the most storms, it does not specify their intensity. For this, it is necessary to turn to lightning, the frequency of which often increases with the violence of the storm phenomenon. The Météorage site has established the classification of the regions where lightning strikes the most according to statistics:

In our slideshow, find out which city in each region has had the most lightning strikes.

When thunderstorms are intense, lightning can cause serious damage: fires, power cuts, injuries or even death… It is imperative, when thunder rumbles, to protect yourself and secure your home. Stay sheltered, close the windows, and unplug your appliances.

If you are unable to reach an enclosed area, crouch low to the ground and curl up on yourself. Above all, do not take shelter under a tree!