Peter Andre’s sweet throwback snap leaves fans shocked by his uncanny resemblance with Princess, his son Junior following his lead and signing a record contract

Peter Andre shared a rare throwback photo of himself as a child, causing fans to freak out over his resemblance with his oldest daughter Princess.

Instagram admitting he was a shy boy when he was young.

The snap was captured by the singer as “Just a child with a dream.” Always biting my lips. I was timid. I don’t feel shy anymore.”

Katie Price.

One wrote, “Gorgeous.” Double of Princess,” another wrote: “Gorgeous. So alike x.”

Another wrote, “Looks very much like Princess.”

“I didn’t realize how much Princess looked like me,” another commenter said. “I always thought Junior looked more like you,” another commentator said.

Others thought he looked more like his 16-year old son Junior.

One commented, “Wow wow, can you see beautiful Princess and handsome Junior xxx?”

Another commenter added: “Ahh sweet Junior, Princess is your double. You have a beautiful and happy family. All the best xxxx.”

Junior isn’t just inheriting his father’s looks, but also his musical talent. He’s preparing to release his first album with Colombia Records after signing to them. They have Harry Styles and other notable musicians on their roster.

Peter wrote for new!: “It is a busy time both for me and for Junior, who is currently writing his album.

“We are still working on him, but it’s so cool that I’m so proud.

“I want to make sure he has co-written his songs because I believe being a songwriter should be important. He’s going on next year to release music, so it’s an exciting and thrilling time for him.