A 38-year-old man has spent in the North of Hessen as a doctor and for a short time in a clinic working. After a few services he flew through his incompetence, said Gunther Claus, the medical Director in Melsungen, Asklepios Klinikum, on Friday. The hospital in Schwalm-Eder-Kreis filed against the alleged impostor display.

The man was convicted of a similar Offense before the fact to a prison sentence. The judgment was not yet final, he was against conditions imposed on a walk. Previously, the “Hessian/low had reported to the Saxon General” (HNA).

“He has failed to the sisters,”

The alleged fraudsters had applied, according to the clinic using fake documents, after he had been released from a detention. The small hospital didn’t know and hired him for on-call services in the summer as a temp. However, after three to four services of the man was noticed. He had not complied with the standardized procedures for blood transfusion. A nurse became suspicious. “He has failed to the sisters,” said Claus, “It’s the advantage of small hospitals, that there to speak to each other.”

According to the Prosecutor’s office in Kassel the man is back in custody and will not be quick. It was not his first attempt to be a doctor. He had applied previously in several hospitals and had been employed to the sample. There he flew on. Therefore, and because of other Offences, he was sentenced recently to a term of imprisonment of two years and five months.