Three years after the Inferno – mourning in London for the anniversary of Grenfell-BrandsIm June 2017 fire at High-rise building in London, 72 people were killed. The family must continue to wait for an explanation.In June 2017 72 people died in a fire at Grenfell Tower.Photo:

local residents, activists and politicians have thought on the third anniversary of the devastating Grenfell-high-rise fire in London, the 72 dead. Given the restrictions in the Corona-pandemic organised by the Initiative “Humanity for Grenfell” on Sunday, a multidenominational Online Church service, it was also reminded with 72 silent seconds to the victim.

activists accused the authorities to have, at the time, the attachment of an outer panel approved, which have contributed to the rapid spread of the flames and called for justice for the victims. “All of this requires truth, 100% truth, and we know it will be a long way,” said Ambrose Mendy, who lost a relative in the fire.

Premier Boris Johnson said in a video message: “All of us in this country, thoughts are with you.” He will continue to advocate for the causes of the tragedy to uncover and to ensure that something like this never repeat again.

The Victims have been commemorating the anniversary again.Photo: Keystone

The fire on the 14. June 2017 had spread the flames in a frantic pace through the outer cladding in the 24-storey housing estate. The Head of the London fire brigade, Dany Cotton, had announced in December, after fierce criticism of the use of your resignation.

at the end of October 2019, the first results of a still ongoing investigation had become known. The fire brigade were accused of “serious defects” and errors in the System. Has been criticized, in particular, the instruction to the inhabitants of the building, to stay in the apartments.