All eyes will be on the 10th of september focused on the Music. The Californian technology giant, organises its annual event in Cupertino and it is expected that there will be three new iPhone models will be presented.

It’s only been a year since Apple released iPhone S, XS, Max and XR suggested. Now, according to well-informed sources, the three new aircraft are on their way, there is first the question of what the new name will be given. According to the rumors, both the iPhone 11, ipad XI, ipad, iPhone 11, Pro Plus, and the iPhone 11, Pro Max is in the running. Which of the three it has to be? – Five nights ‘ sleep, and we all know it. Is almost certainly going to be a standard version and a pro version, and it is a cost-effective option.


will be any Surprises in terms of size, do not seem to come up. Also, this time it looks like Apple is going to go for two sizes: with a screen diagonal of 14.7 cm and a 16.5 cm. What is new is the fact that it is on the back of one of the two devices is a camera with three lenses: a wide-angle lens, supergroothoeklens, and a telephoto lens. Together they have the ability to get even better pictures.

Better processor:

the performance of The new iphone, it would be better with a new, A13 processor. That is, it would even be possible for the bilateral loading, which means that you can use your iPhone with any other device to recharge.

Some of the sources expect that Apple’s Lightning port to USB-C is also used in the iPad Pro might be the case. The new mobile phone would also be a lot of waterbestendiger than the previous one.

Presumably, we will get to the event on the 10th of september, also heard about the new operating system, iOS13, and mac os Each. But Apple could Apple not be the case if we don’t try to surprise you. Expected, but also news about Apple TV, Apple, Arcade, laptops, smartphones, and the Apple Watch. What is it, exactly, that is yet to be seen.
More about the iPhone, Apple launches a Netflix competitor, but the critical moment is about the new iphone set to disappoint as Apple set on Tuesday on the new iPhone(s) before: some of the latest technology, and is an inexpensive entry-level for those who reject Google’s security flaw discovered on the iPhone Who have iPhone’s battery itself, try to replace it, it has now been given it