Three criminal charges – presiding colleges of the councils are calling for in the case of Lauber extraordinary lawyer will lifted his immunity? National Council and Council of States in connection with the criminal charges against the Federal Prosecutor is serious. 2 Kommentare2Dem Swiss Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber is accused of, among other things-favoured-nation treatment.Keystone/Peter Schneider

The bureaux of the National Council and Council of States to request the Supervisory authority of the office of the attorney General to appoint, in the case of Lauber, an extraordinary attorney General or an extraordinary Federal Prosecutor. This or this should be entrusted to three criminal charges, among others, to check against Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber.

the decision of The presiding colleges of the councils according to the existing practice, according to a media release by the parliamentary services on Thursday. The object of the extraordinary Federal attorney, or of the extraordinary Federal Prosecutor will be to examine three criminal charges, to determine whether the conditions for the opening of a criminal to be given to the investigation.

this Is the case, will Not adopted, respectively, not in the competent committees of the Federal Assembly a request to waive the immunity of the Federal public Prosecutor, if proceedings order.

the immunity of the Federal Prosecutor Should be repealed, the Federal Assembly could use the extraordinary Federal attorney or the extraordinary Federal Prosecutor who leads the actual criminal proceedings, at a later time, it means more.

a Variety of offences displayed

The Prosecutor’s office of the Canton of Berne, the Federal Assembly, in a Letter dated 4. June, three criminal charges, which were filed under the other against a Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber due to various crimes, which the Federal jurisdiction are under,.

Earlier it was reported that against Lauber and President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, in the Canton of Bern criminal charges have been received. In the Ads against Lauber amongst other things, to the accusation of favouritism. This allegation, the originator of the Advertisements in connection with the non-logged Lauber Meeting to raise with the Infantino.

Infantino is accused in a criminal complaint that he should have instigated Lauber to abuse of office, violation of official Secrecy and favoring the face.


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