After Emarah, a 4.5-year-old resident, gave birth, three new cheetahs were welcomed to the Toronto Zoo this week.
Emarah gave birth to three cubs in the early hours Monday morning. The zoo tweeted that Emarah went through a 92-day gestation. Although the cubs seem to be doing well, they won’t get their first vet check-up for several weeks.

According to the Toronto Zoo’s website, cubs of cheetahs are born with their eyes shut and won’t open for at least a week. The zoo is trying minimize disturbances so Emarah can bond with her cubs.

Emarah was also born at the Toronto Zoo. Emarah was among the cubs of the last litter at the zoo. According to Toronto Zoo, her siblings have since moved on to other accredited Zoos.

Emarah is the zoo’s maternity den, which has cameras to monitor things. They say that Emarah is doing a great job.

The Toronto Zoo posted on Facebook that Emarah is doing well and the cameras are allowing the team to keep an eye on her and her family while she takes on her motherly duties.

The zoo stated that it will be many months before the cubs make public their debut. They will be safe in their den until all of them are vaccinated.

The Toronto Zoo also declared they will reopen February 10.