Thoughts on the topic of output – A question of faith our author has left most of the time of your life in the evening, just. And yet would be considered so also.Opinion of Isabel HemmelDie a drank Cocktails, the other beer mugs made of plastic.Image: zvg

“Today, I’m going in the outcome.” It is something that I have already said, when it was still possible, as often as: “Today I klöpple me a lace doily.” What is due to the fact that I’m leaving like. You see, there we have it: I am originally came from Bavaria here. It’s been a long time, but this is where you ask: “are you Going away today?” At the risk of the Opposite answer: “I’m gonna have to leave not in the mood.”

When I was in the first years in Switzerland, sometimes via telephone to Germany reported: “I’m hungover, yesterday I was in the source”, was in demand at the other end is always the same: “Please, where have you been?” “In The Output! In the Si o No, in the Totalbar in Xenix, the… Oh, don’t you know. So, I was away yesterday evening.”

the word output to level the playing lives for me, an unfulfilled longing. If someone at that time in Munich is not the way, but ran out, then he was either part of a different Generation and his idea per se is not very interesting, but he had something very Special: something that you could not with any company, something,
sufficient for what Jeans and T-Shirt Outfit to something a bit different that the better the well-filled wallet, took, something, a promise to the next level of pleasure.

While we wegwollten apparently only away from home, away from parents, away from everyday life. And if in the course of providing recruitment had no desire, then another, went with way.

While I dreamed about it, but lean times in the little Black dress to a chic Bar.

Isabel Hemmel

The Ausgeher – used, at least in my mind, constantly, the word going out – was silly, they had money in the account, and a cashmere sweater wrapped around your shoulders, ordered Cocktails in the renowned Bars and danced to the wrong music.

While we drank Weggeher, beer from plastic cups and not tried to make us, Yes, chic, the next Indie concert talked and each other, encouraged to do the only Right thing to do. While I dreamed of secretly, but lean times in the little Black dress to a chic Bar.

These days, I would put myself in an evening dress to a punk concert or a lace doily lacemaking, if I could only say again: “Today I go out.”