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is Already closed, the first bullfighting “post-coronavirus”. Will be in Avila and will be held during the days 17, 18 and 19 July. This first cycle of the new normal will consist of a contest of cuts and two bullfights, depending ahead “Mundotoro”.

These are the combinations:

-Friday, July 17. Contest cuts with cattle of Beautiful Mountains.

-Saturday, 18. Bulls Vellosino for Finite-Córdoba, Alberto Lopez Simon and Calita.

-Sunday, 19. Bulls from Adolfo Martin to Morenito de Aranda, Octavio Chacón and Manuel Escribano.

In a telephone conversation with ABC, the employer, José Montes , explains that to make the posters, with the first figures absent, has not been an easy task: “it Has been a complicated. We have played at all the highest figures of bullfighting , but they have agreed between them to start the season in August and to be prepared during this month in the field. In addition, they preferred more time to promote the first fair in the act. I understand that it was very abrupt. There is little time to promote the cumshots, but I am confident that the people you encourage, I notice that there are many desire of the bulls”. Where yes it seems that will be some figures is in El Puerto de Santa María , in the two runs that prepares for the beginning of August, José María Garzón, after reaching an agreement with the city.

with Regard to the posters closed, he says: “We opted for a run very much in the taste of the fans of Madrid, as is the Adolfo Martín , and then by one with the toreo of class and bullfighters contrasting, such as Finite-Cordoba and Lopez-Simon. In addition, with the aim of the presentation as a matador in Spain Calita, number one rankings in Mexico.”

Montes has tied up the festivities in a week, “as the bids were opened for two Friday and there has been little time; the city has caught the bull with the theme of the coronavirus, but we must highlight the effort made with the return of the bulls in Avila”.

Regarding the security measures , the coso will be able to register 75 percent of capacity: “The plaza has a capacity of 8,500 spectators and in this new normal will take a few 5.000 . We have been given clear guidelines enumerate very well the stands and sell tickets so homogeneous. For everything to be as distributed as possible, sell packs of two inputs together and a space between the following two. We will avoid always the agglomeration and in the higher areas there will be more space.” There will also be gel hidroalcóholico distributed in different areas of the square, masks and, in principle, not be sold pads.

Regarding prices , the new entrepreneur of the coso ensures that “it will be below the usual in the plaza; we want to help and motivate the fan, so you get a general admission at a very affordable price”. “The barriers and contrabarreras -he adds – will have a higher price”. Explains that will be cumshots night , about the nine or nine and a half of the night, and that “there will be no sun nor shade, but that tended generally numbered”.

What the fees ? “There we continue with the old normal… To be a square of the second, it follows what is stipulated by the collective agreement and the minimum wage”. And what about the cattle ? “Logically, it sends the market supply and demand, and less demand, low. There are a lot of animal in the field.”

not Yet concluded any agreement with tv , but “some channel is interested in broadcasting; we are open to any negotiation, since it is vital that these runs have the maximum impact”. Concerned about the political attacks, says that “going to the plaza is the best way to claim our freedom”.

With the help of the city council, and with the hope that the reception is good, note that “if you thought that with the 75 per cent of the capacity is not covering the costs, not I would get in this adventure; now, if can more the want to see the bulls or the fear of , is an uncertainty”. And he finishes: “My feeling is that it will overcome the will to win. The terraces are full, people come out and, in addition, other seasons, to this point, we have been already somewhat saturated, but right now I see a lot of interest in seeing a bullfight in live and direct”.