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The objective is to get to Stone Town, in the islands of Zanzibar (Tanzania), in the map of the most emblematic places of the rock. And it is in the historical district of this city, an old building attracted, before the pandemic, to the visitors. It is the first museum dedicated to Freddie Mercury.

And that is the major vocalist and leader of the british rock band Queen was born in Zanzibar September 5, 1946 , with the name of Farrokh Bulsara . There he began to play the piano from a very young age and at the age of seventeen fled the island with his family because of a bloody Revolution in the country to land in England. The piano played, still young, have him in this museum. Or photos of his childhood, which is a material that is rare to find.

As you know, the Bulsara were a family who professed the religion of zoroastrianism, were parsis, and it is believed that the small Farrokh began to sing in the temple of this religion in the city, which had 300 members (now there are only a few, and the temple has been abandoned, according to the “CNN”).

According to this means, at the root of the success of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the film of 2018 by the Rami Malek won an Oscar for the interpretation of Mercury, the popularity of the late singer was also increased in the town that we saw nac (although, in reality, from three decades ago is the center of pilgrimage for any fan of his).

So, taking advantage of the boom of the character in the island, the employer of Zanzibar, Javed Jafferji , decided to open this museum. Although in all it is an upstart, for he lived in London in the mid 80’s and was a big fan of the band, and in 2002 already opened a gift shop in the house of Bulsara-called “Mercury House”. Nearly two decades later, closed the deal to open the museum with the very Brian May .

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ZANZIBAR !!! Stone Town. This is the building where Freddie and his sister Kashmira lived when they were young. At pilgrimage !!! Bri

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So became The “Mercury House” , a gift shop, a museum, focused on the first year of the great artist in that island. The museum opened on November 24, 2019, the 28 anniversary of the death of Mercury. However… the pandemic hit. And the museum had to close, as well as the plan of guided tours.

But are optimistic about his return to the ring. They want people to know the origins of an artist of his caliber, pride of the island. Speaking of pride, it is one of the most eye-catching of the museum is that it is difficult to hold the figure staff of Mercury, by religious themes, as this is a community that is predominantly muslim where homosexuality is illegal. So the museum focuses on his music.