This cult chocolate from the 1980s will be making a comeback in 2023


Do you remember eating “Wonders of the World” chocolate bars for afternoon tea? This brand of chocolate was extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but from the early 2000s, demand became too scarce, production stopped. What made the brand so charming? The animals in relief that appeared on each of the 6 tiles of a tablet. Tablet which was accompanied in its packaging by beautiful images to collect.

Amélie Coulombe and Alexandre Kanar, at the head of the Marseille company Krokola, took over the brand two years ago. You have already seen Krokola chocolate in your organic shelves, in the form of tablets for children. After two years of preparations, the famous tablets will be marketed again from 2023, as reported by BFMTV.

The name will remain the same, and for good reason: the brand is still today the subject of a notoriety rate of 30%! The chocolate itself won’t scale much either. Indeed, the recipe with milk chocolate and crushed hazelnuts is very similar to the original recipe. However, you will see a dark chocolate version added to the range.

The traditional collectible image will also make a comeback, but with a variant that looks a lot like our contemporary era… Thus, the images will be printed directly on the back of the pack, and will be cut to size: very eco-friendly to avoid double-wrapping ! In addition, the illustrations have been developed in collaboration with Bioviva, and will represent protected species. Finally, a priori the most important and positive change, the cocoa used for the production of these tablets will be fair trade certified.