Things To Know Before Hiring A Removal Company


Moving to a new house can be stressful and without the right removal company, it may seem like an impossible task. But with many large parcel courier options as well as licensed and experienced movers, it is easier than ever to find a company that has what you need. To help you get started, we have provided you with everything that you need to know before hiring a removal company.

Compare Prices

The first thing you should do when booking a removal company is to compare the prices. Gain quotes from several different providers and manage the costs. If you narrow it down to 5 suppliers, you can then choose the one with the right price as well as the right service that you need. In doing this, you will make sure there are no hidden charges and can also prevent the cost rising nearer to the time. It is also important to be aware that moving on a weekend can cost you more, therefore moving during the week may be better suited to keep the cost down.

Book In Advance

When hiring a removal company, it is best to book in advance. Not only does this have the potential to bring down the price, but it also helps to ensure availability. It is recommended that this be organised at least a month before your moving date to make sure that you are getting the best possible rate. By organising it in advance, you also have time to look into the company and make sure that they are providing the rate that you can afford.

Check Reviews And Complaint Registries

Another crucial element to consider is the reviews and complaints that your chosen removal company have. If they have several bad reviews online, this could be a warning sign. Therefore, looking at the complaint registry as well as Google My Business Reviews will allow you to make an informed decision. Though this does add time to the decision-making process, this will ensure that you are not met with any hidden charges when it comes to getting the bill. It will also help to lower the stress level when moving which is always a benefit.

Licenses And Insurance

The final crucial element to look for before hiring a removal company is the licences and insurances that they have. You mustn’t use a moving company that is not insured or licences. This could mean that your property is not covered should it be lost or stolen. This is something that you should check beforehand to prevent you from not being covered. Whether it is a recommendation from a friend or an advert online, you must check this to ensure that your delivery is a success.

Whether you are moving shortly, or you are looking to move within the next year we are sure that these snippets of information will help you to find the best moving company at every stage of your moving company.