Long before meeting glory and celebrity with his Splendid troupe, Thierry Lhermitte fell under the spell of a certain Hélène Aubert. Together since the 1970s, the couple said “I do” more than 40 years ago. From their relationship were born three children: Astrée in 1975, Victor in 1979 and Louise in 1993. For more than four decades, the couple seems to spin the perfect love.

In the program 50 ‘Inside of Nikos Aliagas on TF1, Thierry Lhermitte had evoked his love story. “There is no secret. Me, it seems to me that it is to know that love is not unconditional. Love is conditional”, he had declared and to explain himself: “Me, that’s my theory on love. I’ll explain it to you. When you’re little, you only know the love of your parents. As a rule, it’s called unconditional love. Good, and so we learns in his first love stories that love is not unconditional, that love is very conditional. So it is negotiated and it is temporary. Temporary that can last a lifetime, but it can stop all the time. So it seems to me that when you understood that it was conditional and temporary, you can live with it”, he concluded.

Already in 2016 in the columns of Gala, the interpreter of Popeye in Les Bronzés had already mentioned the notion of “ephemeral” in a couple. “Maybe that’s the secret of longevity in a relationship: thinking that it can end tomorrow… That she can get away with it better than me… In a couple, in addition to the seduction, which is necessary, there must also be this feeling of insecurity. It’s good, “he explained.

On the occasion of his anniversary, Planet invites you to discover the photos of the couple in our slideshow.