What has become of Thierry Beccaro? Since leaving France Télévisions after the show Motus stopped in 2019, the former host has been more discreet in the media. However, the one who celebrates his 66th birthday on October 19 is teeming with projects. Among them, the writing and publication of two autobiographies, I was born at 17 and My resilience (2021) at Éditions Plon.

Child beaten by his father during his youth, Thierry Beccaro put his troubles in writing by retracing his life from his first book. A book adapted for the screen by producer Raphaël Cohen in a TV movie soon to be broadcast on France 2. “It’s an incredible adventure, it’s very moving to play my own story”, told the sixty-year-old in La Voix du Nord in last August.

A project through which Thierry Beccaro was able to count on the support of his relatives. We guess that his wife Emmanuelle Lannes supported him throughout the realization of his work. Married for almost 30 years with the actor, his wife convinced him to follow a healing process after suffering from the blows of his violent and alcoholic father, relays Current Woman, according to his autobiography.

Discreet about his life as a couple, the actor and writer in his sixties lives with this journalist who officiated for the beauty section of Cosmopolitan. On her LinkedIn page, we learn today that she is a director at Marie Claire. Blossoming in her professional career, she raised with her famous husband their two children Clara and Lucas. From a previous union, Thierry Beccaro is the father of a girl named Pauline.

In 2016, Côté Maison indicated that Thierry Beccaro and his wife Emmanuelle lived in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The opportunity to dive into their intimacy, and for the host to discuss their habits with their guests. “It always impresses the guests who say that there are a thousand times too much and at the end of the meal, there is not a crumb left. As for my wife, she is a risotto specialist”. The recipe for happiness for a life together.