The flagship journalist of TF1, Audrey Crespo-Mara and host Thierry Ardisson have been in a relationship since November 2009. A love story that began when the two stars were then in a relationship. The man in black had been married since 1988 to musician Béatrice Loustalan, mother of his three children, while the pretty blonde was married to an entrepreneur named Aliou Mara, father of her two sons, reports Paris Match.

In 2021, the host of Salut les Terriens had mentioned their love at first sight on RFM. “She was married too (…) She said to me “I love you but we are going to take a break”. And then after a week, show. That Thursday, when I had I always do my shows, I can’t do it. I call Françoise, my press officer, I say “I can’t go there”, confided Thierry Ardisson and to continue: “I call Audrey, continues the former host of Canal, and I tell him this unforgettable sentence You are not there he is dead the sun”, from the song of Nicoletta (…) She took a taxi, she landed at my house, I was in tears in the living room and I told him “From now on we won’t leave each other”. And I divorced. It’s love at first sight”.

A divorce that was not simple and “lighthearted”, says the journalist on RFM in 2021. “Like all couples who have children, when life brings us to divorce, it is not done with joy of heart. It’s because we are afraid, me like all the mothers in the world, of destroying our children. We think, we want to protect our children at all costs”. Their relationship was formalized by their official union in June 2014.

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