if you are the junior in the Casting, there was no measure to Thibau Nys. The 16-year-old son, Sven, was driving in Pouring it into the second round of its competitors, and has built up a gap lap after lap of the. Right away, his fourth victory in a row this season. It was an emotional former world champion, who crossed the finish line: “This is a victory I dedicate to Jan Vandermotte. I have a loss of a loved one.”

Vandermotte was the director of the two-part documentary for the DNA Only and completed the Job in the afscheidsjaar of his career. He was then for two years, following in the footsteps of the son Thibau. “He has been a part of our family,” said Thibau. “Every week he got on the floor, or he would call again. It wasn’t a very good director, but it’s also a great person with a great passion for the course. In the tv world and the world of cycling it is hard to miss. My zegegebaar at the finish line was in front of him.”

Vandermotte was 62 and was suffering from a chronic disease. However, he passed away somewhat unexpectedly for him, because he wanted to be the next weekend, the crew will have to travel to the Swiss capital of Bern, which is the third world cup race is to be driven. His company Watertower is going to have to go further with DNA never seen and will continue to be, I had to follow for the documentary and Strive-for-five.

Thibau Nys, was the death during a race is rather easy on off put on. “You’re thinking about it, of course, but I found myself able to focus. I am, however, surprised that it was as smooth as it went. To be a part of the course I was able to drive faster than the rest of it, and I was able to pull away. It is, nevertheless, a major victory in the world cup.”

“I know now that I am tweedejaarsjunior now that the price has to make. I want to get a win and hope for a jersey. As a Belgian, European and / or wereldkampioenentrui. All three can also, of course, but I want to prove that I am the next year, with the success of the transition to the promises it can make.”

also available in die-cast friend, Quote From the Constitution. The couple went on this summer, just out of each other, but the pair reconciled at the end of the month of August.

of the former world champion: “We’re going to miss you buddy”:

Also, the former world champion took to Twitter to say goodbye to Jan Vandermotte: “With great sadness, I must report that my good friend and artistic director of DNA, He died, after a lingering illness, what it sounds like. “A lot of, too early, too soon. Very best of luck to all the family and friends of Jan! We are going to miss you buddy.”

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