Nina Derwael may have a longer world in the bridge, the uneven bars name a few. My 19-year-old fellow has conducted its practice in the final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Stuttgart, great. With a fantastic score of 15.233 for the second year in a row world champion in this discipline. The world is also the end of the world cup, because they will not take part in the grondfinale on Sunday.

the Derwael it started Saturday night, when the last of her practice, however, under tremendous pressure, she did not drop the ball. The exercise was perfect, the landing was good for a second gold medal in as many years. She was right, so turned on the big smile on her face afterwards. Nevertheless, we still need to wait for the final score. Eventually, she got a score of 15.233, more than, better than, the British Rebecca Downie. That is turnde to a strong practice, with the same level of difficulty as that of the Derwael, and was rewarded with a score of 15.000, which will be her silver gave.


The bronze statue was made for the American Sunisa Lee. For technical, turnwonder Simone Biles, there was no 24 world CHAMPIONSHIP medal. Biles scored 14.733 and ended up fifth, just behind the Russian, Angelina Melnikova.

“An indescribable feeling”:

It’s best to bridge the values of this world CHAMPIONSHIP gathered at the teamkwalificatie, the all-round final as well as the toestelfinale – all in the name of the 19-year-old, from Limburg to stand, to say enough about her crew. So much more fluid, much more graceful, so much the better: it does and it will pay for itself time and time again. And the Derwael and defended so successfully, and her three.

“get Used to it, it is not like that. And to be sure, the stress is not. I have had a lot of difficulty with the food in the run-up to the event. On the other hand, in 2018, I was following my score in the qualifications, all of topfavoriete with the associated press. That is the first world championship was, of course, even though there isn’t any need for it as any. Oh well, it is difficult to control the emotions of the past and present, are to be compared.”

Photo: AFP

“I was very pleased when my dismount went well. Is an indescribable feeling. At work, we had worked very hard on that section, as dismounted and was still wrong.” Derwael, came in eighth, and at the end of the turn. “I was prepared for it. This is not the first time that I was in that situation was. It was quite a long time to wait, of course, but I know this is only the rating of my Russian pastor Daria Spiridinova. I was only focused on my own performance. But little did I know that I have a minimum of top three would have to end.”

is used for The following purposes: a stage in a Tokyo

finally, a world CHAMPIONSHIP gold in the 2018 world CHAMPIONSHIPS, gold in 2019. With two European titles to her favorite parts of her volume of medals at their home race is already a decent size. One more task that must be accomplished to be. Two down, one to go. A stage is set up in Tokyo by the year 2020. “I have to focus as much as possible on my own, but feel that the others are coming closer. Standing still is not done. It’s not that I’m such a huge margin for me. So We need to continue to work and hopefully it will be enough for the Tokyo area. Myself I also want to improve so I can really go for the gold.”
Also, mom, Megan has shared in the joy as well. Photo: BELGA

just don’t expect anything from the golden day is Also her best friend Siemen Foot to be scored on Saturday. He was put in Roeselare, against OH Leuven on their way to a 3-1 victory. “It was a good day for both of us, yes.”

The error is in The European Games when they’re on the bridge, fell in the city, this is also the final rinsing process, as well as the year-with its ups-and-downs. “That trap was a bit over my head, even though I have the button and a quick turn around. And the title is in the bar, which has also helped a lot.”

No grondfinale on Sunday

In consultation with her coach, Marjorie Heuls, he lost Derwael in her final match on the floor, which is a normal Sunday afternoon they had planned. This was the eighth (and last) of the inclusion, which is a medaillekans non-existent it was. In addition, after this grueling week is always the threat of injury. “I want to be as a matter of precaution, my sore foot to spare, even with the Olympics coming up. In the younger days, I was feeling a little bit of a pain. It would have been nice, as grondfinale, but I didn’t qualify to be on the podium. It’s not that I’m at a loss. Also, it’s nice to be on a high note to end on?” And so it remained Saturday night at a party at the teamhotel, in addition to the nearest-and-dearest. “I think not, that I asked him to go to sleep tonight.”

it was the Truiense an ideal world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Stuttgart, germany. At first, she helped the Belgian team to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and on Thursday, she got her best score ever in the all-round championship,which they have pretty in fifth, it was. It’s the second consecutive world cup gold medal in the bridge, the uneven bars, it is, of course, is the icing on the cake. That’s looking for the Tokyo, japan, where the Sportswoman of the Year in 2018 and the summer of her second Play, you will participate in: we are already very much looking forward to it.

Photo: AFP) Photo: THERE are More on Nina Derwael Gymnastics for dummies: so, you know, where the judges will pay careful attention to the allocation of points for the Nina Derwael world cup artistic gymnastics: Nina Derwael and defend its title to the bridge, the uneven bars, Nina Derwael and grabs just off the medal during the all-round final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS artistic gymnastics, but it’s in its element: we Enjoyed every moment of it,” How is Nina Derwael’s even more perfect is that her coach about the real issues for the tienerfenomeen