take a Look at the Sinterklaasfolders, and you can see there are only a few of the more, if you look into the sky and you will see that there is still a lot less of it. Drones were a couple of years ago, it was still hot, but now it has the sales to an all-time low. “We’ll sell it for 70% less than it was a few years ago,” to confirm them in the Fun. “Not difficult,” says Mark Vanlook from the Flemish Drone is Created. You can do that on top of your own garden to fly in. It is the pleasure of a quick solution.”

in the Three seconds you’re going to see in the Sinterklaasfolder of Fun. Somewhere, lost, flew in between the tracks, robots, and dinosaurs. While in the past few years in their own double-page spread we had. But that’s not the only signal that the drone is not doing a good job. Earlier this year, announced that the manufacturer Parrot is one of the biggest players in that market, it would stop speelgoeddrones. GoPro doekte this project have been to. “Sales are falling, indeed,” said aankoopdirecteur Bart Van Lierde from Dreamland. “The buzz at the moment is over.”

“The market is just saturated,” says CEO Tony Mettens. “To whom is a drone, a wanted, who has one bought it.”

the New rules are coming out.

All of that’s according to an expert, Mark Vanlook not only is there the problem lies. The market is just not that attractive any more. “If we’re talking about, which is typical for drones, for the consumer, than it is now, but it is no fun to have to do. With the current rules, you can’t do anything with it. Ten feet tall, and just above it you have your own garden, you’ll be sick and tired. If there is, at that level, however, change for the better is coming. There is a new Eu regulation, which as of mid-2020 to the national laws and regulations, it will be replaced. The rules provide a somewhat more freedom in fact. You will work with some models over and above the public domain is allowed to fly. There Is an on-board camera, you will still have to take into account privacy laws, but there is still more they can do. This can be in the market again with oxygen to give. It’s more exciting than a bunch of flying only over your own grass.”

the professionals

Within the context of the world is doing with the drone, according to him, it was still very good. “Especially in military applications. Or is it for the police and fire departments. For the applications we have seen a smaller growth rate. There, waiting for the arrival of the European rules. Who is to determine, for example, then you will be able to fly without it you are looking at the drone, which was not allowed. You will have the long distances to be able to take it. Even the Amazons of this world to wait for them. What’s not to detract from the fact that it now has been taken care of, new projects are popping up, such as with the city’s hospitals that the fact, working to get blood samples and to transport them.”

Photo: AFP) Photo: via REUTERS, More about Dreamland ‘Sexual toy ban ‘ because it is the career of the women’s tunnel”