It’s not uncommon, even among celebrities, to face family issues that can lead to a trial. Defamation, harassment or even a request for emancipation… There are many reasons.

In France, it is the writer Yann Moix who has just been sentenced on appeal for having defamed his brother Alexandre, according to a judgment rendered on October 13, obtained by AFP and relayed by our colleagues from Parisian. Relaxed at first instance, the former columnist of Laurent Ruquier in We are not lying on France 2 was ordered by the Paris Court of Appeal to pay 1,000 euros in damages and 3,000 euros in respect of court costs.

Why had his brother gone to court? For that, we have to go back to 2019. In a C8 television program, Yann Moix had made defamatory remarks against his brother Alexandre: “My brother was very, very close to neo-Nazi groups” or even “It’s him, Alexandre Moix , who was close to far-right groups”, relayed our colleagues from Figaro.

For several years, the two brothers seem to be waging a war through the media. When his book Orléans was published, the writer revealed that he had suffered violence from his parents. In an open letter published by Le Parisien, Alexandre Moix refuted his remarks, saying that the victim was not his brother, but him. “I suffered 20 years of abuse and humiliation of rare violence from him. The very ones he describes in his novel, lending them to our parents”.

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