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The Consumer Organization OCU has conducted an analysis between 200 washing machines and stands out three models that cost less than 300 euros and that offer ‘excellent results in the washing of the clothes by using a standard program” . The OCU notes that its performance is as good as the more expensive models, although it points out that the programs are long and they do not incorporate the latest innovations, such as wifi connection to control it from the mobile or the automatic detergent dispenser.

The brands and models of washing machines that stands out the OCU are Balay 3TS771BE (from 267 euros), Bosch WAJ20060ES (from 276 euros) and Electrolux EW2F4722AB (from 259 euros) . OCU remembers that the three appliances support a maximum load of seven pounds of clothes and offered “excellent results in cleaning and low water consumption”. However, these washing machines also have shortcomings, such as a less spin rate that does not exceed 1,000 rpm on the models of Balya and Bosh and that reaches 1,200 rpm on the Electrolux.

Likewise, the duration of the programs of washing machines is much longer than in other devices more expensive , and can reach three hours. Also incorporate latest technique such as the wifi connection to exercise control from the mobile phone or the automatic detergent dispenser.

Lengthen the shelf life

on the other hand, the OCU offers some tips to prevent breakdowns and extend the useful life of the device.

-complete Cleansing once a year . The OCU advised to clean the filter and also the inner drum with the specific program offered on some models or with a wash without clothes at high temperature to desesgrasar the pipes and the internal system.

-frequent Maintenance . It is advisable to leave the door abierte to dry both the drum as the rubber of the door to avoid the formation of mold. You should also eliminate amno remnants of detergent and dirt, including drawer detergent

-Avoid very hot water . Wash with cold water or warm (n or more than 40°) extends the useful life of the washing machine and saves energy.

-Verify the installation . If the washing machine vibrates too much is a very bad sign. To fix it you can use an app bubble level in the cell to be leveled or reducing the spin speed. The leakage can be controlled by verifying the condition of hoses.

-Reduce risk . When we ausentamos from home for a long period of time should be crrar the stopcock of the water and leave the door ajar to prevent odors, as well as unplug the appliance to avoid electrical problems.