It is often said that fashion is a cycle. Whether for clothes or for the rest, everything ends up becoming trendy again. If this is often the case, there are sometimes cases where the modes fall into oblivion.

Yvonne, Gaston, Henriette, so many first names that were very common less than a hundred years ago. Henceforth, they are particularly rare. Here is a list of first names that have almost disappeared today:

There are many others who have disappeared today. In the collective imagination, these first names are now associated with the elderly. Unconsciously, when a person meets a stranger named Fernand, he imagines him to be rather old, even though he could be entirely wrong.

The new fashion in the choice of first names is also to be original. This is partly due to the influence of stars who, in recent years, have named their children in sometimes very unusual ways.

Thus, if fashion is all about originality, the retro sometimes always remains a safe bet and certain first names from the 20s are coming back into fashion, as Au Féminin explains. Discover 15 of them in our slideshow.