Nearly one-third (32 per cent) of Belgian hospitals is not a good option. This is evident from the financial analysis of the general and university hospitals in Belgium, who Work each year to run. They are doing a little better than last year, when 44 percent were in the red, but as the situation continues to cause concern, ” says Work.

The current result is the same for all hospitals, but 31 million on a turnover of 15,543 billion, which represents a 0.2 percent profit margin. “It means that a small perturbation of the revenues and the catastrophic consequences it may have, and put a strong constraint on the investment capacity needed for the infrastructure to be in a position to keep up the pace to keep up with the changes in the healthcare system,” said Work. In addition, it alerts the bank to the sector is critical budgetoefeningen-to-face, in the context of the federal coalition.

The cashflowpositie the extent to which the hospitals to meet their short-term liabilities and can deliver, however, is slightly improved, but the improvement is not structural: it is due to the one-time payment of inhaalbedragen in 2018. Also, increased turnover by 5.2 percent to 15.5 billion euros. The biggest factor in this are the pharmaceutical products (+10.7%), as well as increased professional fees of the doctors made a significant contribution to the increase in sales. Who rose to 6.4 billion euro (+5.3 percent).

the Work suggests that the evolution towards a broader healthcare organisations to work together, absolutely, it is, but it is not the only key to success. “Even though the organization of such networks in the industry already have a lot of energy into it, there are difficult conversations ahead of us. It is, inter alia, on how the governance will be organised and what support is available and where it will be set up”, what it sounds like. “In addition, both the federal and the regional level and also the legislation is needed in order for the networks to be effective in practice. There is a slim chance that forms of continue, and the government should play their roles to play in order to help make this happen.”

A fundamental reform of the current system of hospital financing, it is vital to make the change to a reduced care industry, what it sounds like.

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