It’s a bad joke is that in this country, if we didn’t miss anything, not a single Comedy this woman is been played. Because not only Aphra was Behn, who wrote from 1670 to 1687 for the London-based company “Duke’s” eight to ten pieces, the first professional writer at all, the first woman, who lived by a piece of writing. You not only led a colourful life: colonial youth in Surinam, married a Hamburg merchant, and later a spy for the British crown in Flanders, and constantly with one foot in the debt tower, or prison, finally, the partner of a Homosexual.

Jürgen Kaube


F. A. Z.

your comedies, adventure are play sequence of Mask, androgynous as bisexual panel and likelihood of intrigues. A time that imagines a lot on your sense of diversity, the difference between Sex and Gender, as well as the discovery of female artists, appears almost incredible, as long as you ignored Aphra Behn.

“would you, if you could half -”

been closed for eighteen years, the theaters in England since 1642, first of all, the civil war, the puritanical lack of Humor of its winner. Not until two years after the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658, the pleasure-joyous heir to the throne, Charles II, from the French exile back to London came, they opened again, a little later, when in 1665 the Great plague broke out, to close again for sixteen months. Thereafter, the high time of the so-called restoration Comedy, in which the two main urban Squadrons, King’s and Duke’s Company, the frivolous monkey sugar began. Alone, the titles of the pieces on show, of what spirit they were: “you would, if you could”, “The Horned London”, “The provoked wife”. At that time, women as an actor appeared for the first Time, and in 1669, the first theatre was listed piece of a woman, Frances Boothbys “Marc Elia”.

in 1670, had Behn’s first Comedy Premiere, “The forced marriage”. To have arranged marriages of their pieces were. “A trade, in order to get a woman” – this line from “The Town-Fopp” (The city-dude) from 1676 excludes the logic of the marriage from property considerations with the Prostitution. By means of Girlfriends, companions, and servants of the planned marriages are re-arranged in the pieces, so that the Desire of some – never all – comes into its own. Sometimes the noble mask to miss as prostitutes, as men, as emissaries from the moon.

Not a gender stereotype is omitted, and none of them remains intact. In “Abdelazer, or, The revenge of the Moors”, her only tragedy, Behn the son of an African war opponent of the Spanish king having an affair with the lusty wife, the poisoned, with him the husband. His successor, in turn, is in love with the wife of the Muslim Prince and fends off a question of the punishment of the poisoner, but this leads only to further terrorist attacks, Verrätereien and confusion, at the end of almost all those Involved are dead.

in The wild, it goes in “The Rover”

at Least as wunderlich Behn’s last Drama, “The Emperor of the moon”, a Farce in the style of the Commedia dell’arte. A Neapolitan scholar has his life with the moon and believes that this is a second inhabited world, with its own Kingdom. Because he holds you to a higher world, he denied his daughter and her cousin the marriage with the merely earthly nephew of the Viceroy of Naples. Two servants with their own love interests complicate Attempts to Marry but bring still. We surprised each other in the wrong moments, crazy to explain it, masquerading as a farmer or a pharmacist, in hiding, in the middle of the love-caught-the-wall carpets that are the same color as the staff.