Theaterhaus Gessnerallee streams – a call for resistance online the world of theatre is not in order. Two projects of the Gessnerallee out to show ways out of the crisis. Refrigerators also play a role. Stefan Busz0 comment tribute to the refrigerator. Is cool, what up with the Theater for the Home Office.Mars Travel Agency

we have the theatre in the kitchen sick. And ignore already calls such as: “Sit in the kitchen, put on the headphones and immerse yourself in a world in between the cucumber, Mayonnaise and infinite buzz kidnap.” The conclusion should now be with this cucumbers theatre. The kitchen is really for cooking. And not for Playing.

already Tried that many have but to take us in this world. The Schauspielhaus tried baking a cake with Alicia Aumüller (in “Decalogue”). The Theater Neumarkt with the “52 Hertz”, the theatre for your home. Also, the theaterhaus gessnerallee moved recently to the From-the-kitchen-Streaming business. In the program: “Fridge”, a tribute to the refrigerator.

conference on the crisis

it’s Cool but, what are the new formats, the Gessner Allee has been devised to bridge the time without a stage. For example, the British activist and Performer James Leadbitter aka the Vacuum Cleaner to the international online conference “With For About 2020” (prelude loads Wednesday, 3 to. June, at 15.30).

The weekly presentations and Performances go “on the current challenges, what are the Covid-19 is for many marginalized people and communities”. Was initiated this “slow conference for a fast-unfolding crisis” of the English artist Agency Heart of Glass.

With artists from Australia, Germany and Ghana. And maybe it is an opportunity to learn something about it, what is the impact of the crisis for the people in other countries. Art can open our eyes to what is happening behind the horizon. Theater, online, has a lot to do with the life outside.

A way out of the crisis the Collective New found urgency and Kursk. You can transform your project “The contradiction”, which should have been celebrating in mid-may, at the gessnerallee Premiere, into the streaming format. It is a monument built by the Nazis, the folk song composer Friedrich Silcher in Tübingen, so the question of how art can be appropriated by the policy.

We zoom in us sure time. And hope soon for the theatre, the curtain rises again. Open the refrigerator doors are not everything.

The contradiction. A lonely folk song www.gessnerallee.chZoom-Theaterstück, Mi 3.– Fr 5.6., 20 PM, free admission , registration at:

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