The Zurich administrative court – court overturns relief for KitasIm April, the Zurich cantonal Council decided, by decree, to support day-care centres. Not right now says the administrative court.Simon Huwiler0 comments/Westend61

nurseries and day families should be supported financially in this, the Zurich cantonal Council Decided at the end of April by decree. “As soon as the measures in connection with COVID-19 are lifted, the entire care capacity again,” he said justifying his decision. “Therefore, the government has adopted an emergency Ordinance to support the private care institutions financially and in the provision of care to ensure.” Cost: Up to 13 million Swiss francs per month. Now, the administrative court back to the whistles of the Canton. The procedure was not lawful.

“The administrative court comes to the conclusion that the emergency decree, the competence of the Executive Council, is limited to measures for the protection of the so-called classic, police goods, including, in particular, to the life, limb, property and freedom,” according to the court. However, the government have no competence to alone to protect against a social or economic state of emergency without legal basis, a regulation to initiate.

The government may challenge the judgment before the Federal court.

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