“Dare to ask,” so, a young woman from the land of Twitter. Mccoy has been a year and a half into the treatment, and feel that her friends in “the outside world” information. “I’m going through a difficult period, ” she said. “I would love to have steunkaartjes to get it. Therapy does help, but the ticket is also quite a lot.”

the Girls (a pseudonym) has had a tough childhood is behind you, there is a history of abuse. “I have for many years suppressed it,” she says. “But I am not completely crashed, and I have.” All of one and one-half years old, she is now in a mental institution. “The therapy is helping, but it’s hard. Every time I am confronted with myself. With my trauma, but also in my character and behavior.” Also, the isolation was difficult for her. “I have been here for so long. I’ve been in touch with the peers via the blog, but a lot of my friends in the real world have some non-recurring items. One day, someone told the department that they have every day a ticket was given to her best friend. These are not just texts, they are just cards with a nice game. I thought it would be fun to have as a daily item to get. Therefore, I put my son on Twitter.”

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Cleo had been a lot of comment on her post. “I didn’t expect it, it gives me incredible pleasure. I hope that in the next few days, a few more to come in. I’m looking really forward to it. It’s the small things in life, such as a card, that it is reasonable to make. Any form of support to help you out. It is unknown to the people left behind.”

do you Want to Girls in a card and send? Can to our editorial staff. We will combine them and send them to her.

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