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Season to forget from Espanyol, that confirmed the fifth descent to Second division in its history in the absence of three days for the conclusion of the League with a few numbers and improper for a club and you become the worst team white since its foundation in 1900. In none of their four previous declines, the Catalan club went down as a last. A position that this course has occupied in 20 of the 35 days that have been played so far. And only one of them managed to be out of the jobs that will mean the loss of category.

A year has passed since your victory against Real Sociedad will qualify to compete in the Europa League after twelve years without travel for the continent. That euphoria overwhelmed has become desolation. All levels of the entity-white suspended in a course tragic for the history of the club, that low category after 26 consecutive years on the First one.

Bad management of the club

Many eyes are on Chen Yansheng . The owner of the club heads from China and, although it has recognized part of its responsibility, the people chosen to represent you in Barcelona have not been at the height. “The biggest responsibility is mine. We have failed and it is very painful,” admitted the businessman, that assumes that you need to remodel the template.

Alfredo Argensó, exportero del Espanyol , points directly to the representative: “The one who carries the club has come to have a toy because of football do not understand. When you buy clubs, people from outside will get in trouble, look at the Valencia. It’s people that put the money but who does not understand football nor of feelings”. Other eyes are on Roger Guasch , corporate general manager who was dismissed in December pro discrepancies with and sports area. To Guasch, she accuses him of not wanting to invest in signings at the beginning of the season ensuring that he had not money , something that during the winter it was found that it was not true after the 40 million that was spent.

P hedron Grandson, exfutbolista of the computer perico in the decade of the 90’, points directly to the management of the club. “If you look at the descent taking only into account this season, the result would be misleading. The Espanyol since moving to the new stadium has lost capacity. It has been decreasing the quality of the equipment and the objectives, with the isolated fact of that this past year we qualified for the Europa League, but in general plan it is a problem of management, of not having a club project , ” explains the current analyst on GOL TV and Movistar. “To Yansheng there is that thank you but there have been people who have come here more to use the club to serve the club, in all aspects. And that has had an impact on the financial management but with the money in the box. When you have seen the ears of the wolf have wanted to react to a lousy management. Has been a planning totally wrong,” he adds.

Planning the sports

Oscar Perarnau, responsible for the plot sports, and Rufete, director of professional football, also assume the slab of a nefarious planning of sports at the that were not able to alleviate the outputs of Borja Iglesias and Mario Beautiful , the two stars of last season, and on which he held the sports career. Espanyol have invested 8 million in Calero and managed the transfer of Bernard to alleviate the march of Beautiful. Other 10.5 million in Matias Vargas and costly transfers of Calleri and Ferreyra were intended to meet the goals by Borja Iglesias. The results showed that they were wrong. Diego Lopez received more goals than usual and the team suffered from an alarming lack of punch.

Raul Thomas laments after missing a chance – EFEInversión millionaire

To those 18.5 million invested in the summer to add others 40 during the winter . Leandro Cabrera (9) brought strength back, Embarba (10) speed and overflowing in attack, and Thomas (20,5) goals. But an untimely injury front in this final stretch vulgarizó back to the team. Good reinforcements who arrived late. “ you must bet by players that feel the colours , and not by those who are more aware of the postureo and looking at the tattoos”, shoot Argensó, who currently is coach of goalkeepers in the Roda and the Wave, affiliates of Villarreal. “When a team enters a losing streak it is very difficult to get out of it, when you play at the bottom you shrink the legs, and the planning has been wrong,” he adds.

Europe League

One of the causes of the bad year could be attributed to the dispute of the Europa League, forcing the team to play the ante and compete in July without being able to perform a pre-season conditions. Although Peter’s Grandson disagrees: “competition never spare . But we wanted to give minutes to many players for them to feel comfortable and that went wrong. Instead of uniting the players the desunió. The Europa League has been the best thing that has happened to Espanyol. Made a great group stage but failed to hold on to it and in the key matches not enjoyed and it came out gripped,” explains the analyst. Do not agree Argensó, which believes that ” Espanyol is not used to playing so many competitions and do not have a template for this. In addition, soon began to play.”

Four coaches

The low patience and bad results have been on a cocktail of difficult digestion in Cornella, where they have spent up to four coaches, all of them of very different style. The bet by David Gallego lasted for eight League games, in which only totaled five points. He was replaced by Paul Machin , which did not improve their results (5 points in 9 encounters garters). Started 2020 Abelardo and was inexplicably ceased despite file numbers of stay (14 points in 13 games). Since his dismissal assumes the position for the time being Rufete .

“it Is one of the main problems. Already comes from when he fell to Sergio Gonzalez, who was doing a good job, and from there it began to split the team.

The changes of coaches for me are worse . The world of football has very little patience and would have to stand to see what we have and what we can choose,” criticizes Argensó.

Frailty in the house

Only two wins in Cornella (11 points out of 34 possible) show the shortcomings of a team that has been bleed to death in his manor. “It is incomprehensible, because the field of Espanyol has always been difficult and this year the team has been unknown. I don’t understand. Not even the signings have changed,” points Argensó.

The quarry

It has given priority to sign before they look to the quarry. “ you should go back to the roots , to what was Jose Manuel Casanovas, Paco Flores, Camacho… Espanyol would have to pull people that feel more colors, for people who care about the club of truth and left people outside. Should bet for the quarry because it is the one that has taken the team forward always,” says Argensó from your school of goalkeeping. “I hope Espanyol make a good planning and back to the roots.

Would have to have people who feel much more colors , and with a bit of luck to be only a year in Second,” he concludes.