The World’s most difficult for Marc Marquez


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Before you turn on the lights in the Grand Prix Jerez no one doubted of the seventh title of Marc Marquez in the premier class in a championship that is compressed by the crisis of the Covid-19. Twenty turns after all the forecasts had jumped in the air after a rude fall of the Catalan , who sent him directly to the operating room and that will descabalgaba of the fight for the crown. In the box of the Marquez doesn’t want to give anything discarded but are realistic. “You know that it has done damage to the truth and not optimistic , but it sure makes you strong,” said his brother Alex.

The hegemony of the older Marquez clings now to the epic. He will fight for the championship with two leading zeros , since you also may not score this weekend in Jerez, in the Grand Prix of Andalusia, and you’ll be reduced to the Czech Republic, on August 9, if it is that you can run. Has been confirmed doctor Xavier Mir , orthopedic surgeon specialist of the upper extremities that today we speak of a fracture in the middle third of the humerus, which could get complicated if the radial nerve, which is the one that goes all around the arm until you reach the wrist, was affected by a paresis. “ Marc will be lower in Jerez, and the goal is to return in Brno . This is an injury of some importance, and Sherry is out of the question. If the nerve is not affected, we can stabilize the fracture and Marquez will be able to return before,” explained galen in Catalunya Radio. However, if the radial nerve was touched “ could be three or four more weeks of low , ” added Mir, which already desahuciaría the pilot, who will miss the first five grands prix and could only play eight championships.

Marquez, who yesterday arrived to Barcelona with a bulky bandage on his right arm, you know today when you can go back to running, even if the physicians consulted by ABC advise prudence. “The complication in this type of fractures is the involvement of the radial nerve. The normal thing is to do a osteosynthesis and stabilize the humerus with plates or nails, depending on the path of the fracture. It is difficult to give deadlines in the cases of motorcycle riders because we were surprised by its brevity. But it is an important bone in the driving of a bike and the normal thing is to be prudent and take a few months to get back to compete. A relapse of a bike can cause a refractura and it would be an injury far more important. But if the doctor Mir, who is a doctor very authoritative in this field, guarantees that you can run in three weeks is right”, explains to this newspaper, the doctor Pedro Luis Ripoll , doctor of Ripoll and De Prado Sportclinic Medical Centre of Excellence by FIFA.

In any case, the options of Marquez of re-releasing his world title seem to vanish. is “The World is what will play Viñales and Quartararo” , ensures Divizioso, third in Jerez. The Ducati rider believes that the injury of Marquez gives a big advantage to Yamaha, great rival of the Honda pilot in the fight for the title.

The favorite is now Yamaha

“The problem is that the season is very concentrated and I don’t know the time it will take to recover.

it Will be very difficult for him because we are riding at a very good level, we have ten pilots in a handkerchief, in less than a second always. I hope you recover very fast,” said a sincere Maverick Viñales . Your partner of box shared discourse. “I think that yes, the World can change with the zero points and the injury. It recovers as soon as possible, it is the first thing that I want to convey, because the fall has been very strong.

it Will be strange because Marc is the favorite of the championship and that we do not count with him this weekend will be strange. Hope to see you again very soon in the track,” he added Fabio Quartararo .