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In the Space Friday evening, a kelderbrand raged at an apartment building on the Leopold ii-laan. It struck, no one injured, but a woman had to go to the hospital to be brought in, because they are too much under the impression of the facts. That the report from the Brussels fire department.

The fire in the basement of the eight-story building, broke down shortly after 19 o’clock, and made a lot of smoke in the staircase of the building. After an inspection of the apartments and decided that the fire brigade that there was no need for the building to be evacuated. Some of the inhabitants, who, on their own, all were gone, and were examined by a MOSQUITO, and a doctor, but did not have to go to the hospital. This was the case for one woman who was very moved by the event.

The fire in the basement, it was soon under control, but the exact cause is still unknown, according to the fire department. That was after the fire, some time needed in order for the building to ventilate.

“This is a typical fire for the use of smoke to promote it,” says the brandweerwoordvoerder. “In Flanders, it is with this commitment on the part of all of the properties on January 1, 2020, in the Brussels-capital region, this obligation is already in place since 2005, to rental homes. However, it is strongly recommended that the smoke detectors are also in place at other homes and do not have to wait for the possibility of future liability. Smoke alarms save effective life, for us, our smell is not. We would like everyone to remember not to be able to trappenhallen, or the corridors where the smoke is. Stay indoors, move to the window and make your presence known to the fire service.”