The’Selma’ celebrity created this directorial debut for this new coming-of-age narrative

The 45-year-old British superstar revealed though he had been anxious to helm his own picture, he believed more than prepared for the battle.

“In my part-time profession, I really don’t think there is just one boss, one movie, I had been part of in which I was not gleaning advice, gleaning instruction because I knew I needed to [guide ] at any stage,” Oyelowo told Fox News while boosting the movie.

“I talked to celebrities who directed films also, such as Nate Parker, Joel Edgerton, Mel Gibson, simply to get [view ] from these,” that the”Selma” superstar said.

He added,”You do not wish to produce all exact same the errors. You wish to make new errors and learn from those who have done it . And that was something that I took to heart”

The narrative follows a boy trying to save his ailing mother by looking for a mythical figure with healing abilities.

Dawson told Fox News she valued that the narrative’s bigger topics about despair and mortality.

“You are not patronizing the protagonist since they are young. You are really pointing their wisdom while at exactly the exact same time viewing the handicaps of their elders around them who occasionally lose their attention and lose their way,” she clarified.

Oyelowo echoed her opinion. “When we age, that is one of those matters [adults] possess as a drawback… we do not keep a Number of that innovative quality so as to Have the Ability to Handle a Few of the things life throws at us.”

“The Water Person” is now in select theaters and are available on May 24.