This is the story of an incredible destiny. In 2014, Cristina Scuccia was revealed on Italian television during her appearance in season 2 of The Voice. An astonishing challenge for this nun who caused a sensation with the jurors, the public and the viewers.

Under the leadership of her mentor, the Italian rapper J-Ax, Sister Cristina shone during all stages of the show with her powerful and singular voice. From Alicia Keys to Cyndi Lauper, not to mention Mariah Carey, Irene Cara and the Queen of Pop Madonna, the contestant blew the audience away all the way to the final. After several months of competition, she won the title of most beautiful voice in Italy with 62.30% of the votes.

After her victory, Sister Cristina released her cover of the Italian Madonna hit Like a Virgin before unveiling her debut album in November 2014. Her nun’s habit also took her to the stage of the musical Sister Act, where she played Sister Mary Robert in the Italian cast in 2015. Building on her popularity, she had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in Rome and travel the world to make her voice heard.

Invited to France on the sets of C à vous, We are not lying or Le Grand Show de Calogero on France 2, Sister Cristina’s career could have reached the heights. But, between the call of God and showbiz, the choice was very complicated for the nun. Discreet in recent years, the winner of The Voice has made a remarkable appearance in the Italian media, as highlighted by the magazine IO Donna.

This Sunday, November 20, Cristina Scuccia appeared completely transformed on television, abandoning the habit of a nun for a sublime fuchsia outfit. Guest of the Verissimo show on Canal 5, the 34-year-old woman recounts her incredible conversion. “Today I live in Spain and I am a waitress,” she confided, justifying her choice. “If I look back, I look back on my journey with a deep sense of gratitude.” She adds further. “Change is a sign of evolution, but it’s always scary, because it’s easier to anchor yourself in your own certainties than to question yourself”.

However, the former nun has not lost her faith, nor her artistic voice. “I believe even more in God”, assures the one who would like to be able to devote herself full-time to a musical career. “Success did not endanger my vocation, but rather fostered a path of development”. The one who must now be called Cristina remains grateful for this change of life. “Sister Cristina is in me. If I am who I am today, it is also thanks to her”. Hallelujah!