– Hechtel-Eksel –

you can have A Vietnamese wife and her new boyfriend, to risk 8 years in prison for an assassination attempt on her husband, a 46-year-old man from Hechtel-Eksel.

John B., a 46-year-old man of Dutch origin, was set up in the early morning of February 4, 2015, at his home in the Weverstraat in Hechtel-Eksel ve taken it when he is home from work came up. One bullet came up through the arm and into the chest correctly, a second ball landed in the rechterdijbeen, and with a third bullet in the abdomen. The man survived the attack, but it was his gall bladder, and about three per cent permanently disabled. According to the victim, was way behind the attempt on his life.

The man was on a Friday, along with his parents, was present in the court as a civil party is to be set up. In total, they asked for € 40,000 in damages. “By the end of 2010, I had my ex been facing serious problems due to her aggression. She started to drink it, and then it’s gotten worse. Behind my back, she went to work at a club, Hechtel-Eksel, and I heard that they are prostitueerde. I’m at my parents and going to live under the same roof. She asked for extremely high levels of support for 650 euros, while they have enough income to have had it. She was with her sister out of Vietnam and let them come to you. They have forged papers are used, and it was a friend of my ex, and a marriage of convenience with them.”

“The tension started to rise”

“It was a mistake, with the right to access to our son. The tension of our separation, but it continued to go up. At a certain point in time, even the tires of the car lot put into it. I have indeed, on February 3, 2015 and the cameras in my house to do the installation, because of the hostilities, continued to persist. Even now, there are still problems,” said J. B.

“To me, there is nothing to be found of the use of drugs or other criminal activity. If it’s a professional criminal, and it was then that I, from that distance, and with five bullets, and sure to be shot and killed. I have had a lot of pain after five shots, that I have not been able to get a clear view of the shooter. Her boyfriend has the car out there actually take advantage of. He was also the coat, and the coat of arms to be destroyed. My ex-wife is a very cold and calculated. The defense, like everything,” he said of the victim.

Defense: “My client is in for a painful good man”

Attorney Philip Daeninck, who is the alleged shooter’s plea, continued to be that of the green, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is not linked to the assassination attempt. “There is no kruitsporen be found, and we all know how stubborn they can be. In addition, my client is a cripple good man,” he said Daeninck, who claimed that there was no time to be able to have the vehicle after the shoot-out and thoroughly clean it. These statements were annoyed by the judge, because they said that the car only to be seized was taken and, after the first time, the seller has the car ever had, and for a second time by the buyer. This may be a logical explanation for the lack of kruitsporen.

The court’s October 18 decision.