Kelly Pfaff, Julie Vermeire, and Jack Kazaltzis to go to the final game of the Four-program, Dancing with the stars .

In a remarkable semi-final on Sunday night reported In Verhulst, son of the presenter is George, from his first dance to his own death. Not only have resulted in his freestyle, he is only 22 and judge values in the nagesprekje with Kat Kerkhofs, he proposed that no is not final to aspire to. “Now, I understand that others are a lot better than I do. I don’t belong in the finals. I will be next week, not possible for a finalewaardig level.” Therefore, Verhulst, and the general public on the points of the other candidates will have to give up. With a gesture so spontaneous was it that Kat Kerkhofs it for a moment, almost amazed at herself.

in That mood of separation, loved In the whole of the night. Also, in the second dance, a rumba, and he went himself that this was his last gig. “It’s a relief,” said Verhulst. And that was not the only member of the jury, Sam Louwyck, which, to him, “all brave, dancing, croque-monsieur iron world” to it.

SEE ALSO. With the aid of a jury, and the bailiff, We Verhulst, around sharp criticism of his performance in the ‘Dancing with the stars ”

the Four a’s.

in the Meantime, fought, Julie, and Kelly is the best judge values. After the first dansronde were two women with the same number of points in the lead before the Final, which will be a little less samba dancing. Round two brought out the Kelly light’s direction, but the surprise was on Jack: he was there with his coach as part of the jury of four times ten to the trick.

Eventually, the audience has the last word, and that was in response to the call of Victor Verhulst. He left with the smile and the dance competition. “The plan is to have succeeded”, said the presenter, Gert Verhulst, and against his son.

for More on Dancing with the Stars, Sam Louwyck, with the exception of the jury of ” Dancing with the stars’ Victor Verhulst, to be honest about the “dry” period, “Then it is Among The Fist with all by Jan Kooijman is playing Heads-Up for Dancing With the Stars: “are you now, or I’m dead?” With the aid of a jury, and the bailiff, We Verhulst, around sharp criticism of his performance in Dancing with the stars.’